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What is Amazon Sidewalk?

Starting today June 8, 2021, Amazon is launching their new Amazon Sidewalk feature for specific Amazon devices. Amazon sidewalk is a shared connection between devices which helps the function and stability, and the more ...

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Texas & Federal response to Colonial Pipeline Hack

  Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Attack The operator of the nation’s largest fuel pipeline confirmed it paid $4.4m to a gang of hackers who broke into its computer systems. The FBI discourages making ransom paym...

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What is a data breach and where does the data go?

What is a data breach? The power of the internet is unmatched when it comes to exploration and innovation, but that power has also created an almost unstoppable force: hackers. These malicious ne’er-do-wells will s...

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Apple’s ‘Spring Loaded’ Event

Apple announced a variety of new products and services in their Spring Loaded event that live-streamed on Wednesday. It was their first event of 2021, and after they introduced their M1 chip last year, there was a lot to...

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Return to Work After COVID

Texas businesses have cautiously begun opening after Governor Greg Abbott ended the statewide mask mandate almost a month ago. Businesses have been able to open at 100% capacity since then also, leaving many businesses t...

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Ransomware is New Concern Following Microsoft Exchange Breach

DearCry Ransomware Recent reports indicate that several Microsoft Exchange email servers are now infected with a ransomware known as DearCry, following the exploited vulnerabilities. The Microsoft Exchange servers were e...

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Onboarding and Offboarding Process: Why it Matters

Onboarding and offboarding employees are essential processes to any business, and they are equally important. The onboarding process is essential to employee retention. Your business’s HR department handles setting...

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Financial Trends for 2021

The financial industry trends have been shaped by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, much like everything else we know has. Similar to other industries, the pandemic has propelled the industry to finding more efficient...

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SMB Trends for 2021

Small and medium sized businesses have felt a big push to move out of their comfort zones in order to create convenience, trust, and safety for their customers and employees alike. The digital transformation industries h...

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Legal Trends for 2021

We have seen the pandemic accelerate the progress of longstanding trends. Law firms that invest in technology now will position themselves ahead of competition. With new emerging technology, the legal industry expects to...