Managed IT Services for Law Firms

At CTG Tech, we understand the unique challenges facing the legal industry today. The ever-evolving nature of IT can make staying up-to-date difficult, particularly if you don’t have a dedicated team of technical professionals to meet your needs.

Failing to remain current puts both your practice and clients at risk. Mail encryption and data security are a must, ensuring client information remains protected and confidential. Billing processes and time-tracking are increasingly becoming digital, and having 24/7 access to critical systems, document stores, collaboration software, and case management solutions, even while on the go, is an essential part of your business.

Local IT Support for Legal Firms

With a presence in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, and Amarillo, CTG can provide local IT support for law firms in Texas quickly and efficiently. Plus, all proactive maintenance is always included, ensuring your systems remain fully updated and compliant, allowing you to focus on the aspects of your work that matter most.

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Managed IT Services for Law Firms with Affordable & Predictable Pricing

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Keep your Business Running with Bullet Proof Backups

When you operate in the legal services industry, downtime isn’t an option. It can significantly harm operations and productivity and destroy client confidence. Having a robust business continuity solution ensures you can regain normal business operations quickly and that your data is always safe.

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Secure Hosted Cloud Solutions For Law Firms

Cloud environments allow your team to interact, collaborate, and access resources from any location. Highly portable and accessible, and with robust computing power, employees can get work done with greater ease. Whether working in the office, from home, or at a client location, as long as there’s an internet connection, you always have access.

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Legal Firm Cloud Based VOIP Solutions

A hosted VoIP solution ensures that all staff members can communicate effectively. VoIP is often more affordable than landlines, allowing you to reduce expenses with ease while retaining a full feature set. Plus, with mobile integration, professionals can easily remain connected even when meeting with clients or while working from home.

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Secure Sensitive Data & Protect your Law Firm

Protecting your data and network is a must. Not only must you remain fully compliant, but also prepared to defend against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. Ransomware and malware can wreak havoc on operations and put your data at risk. With the right solution, you can protect your system.

Why Choose CTG Tech for Legal IT Services?

CTG Tech has earned a reputation as a world-class managed service provider (MSP) in the legal industry. With more than 40 years of experience, CTG can help law firms build, implement, and manage technology solutions with end-to-end IT consulting for law firms. These solutions can help reduce total risk, improve data security, and give staff the tools they need to do their jobs in a digital-first world.

What are the benefits of outsourcing IT solutions for legal firms?

Outsourcing IT to a trusted MSP offers both peace of mind and improved performance. Legal firms can rest easy knowing that their data is fully backed up and encrypted, while staff can easily access the technologies they need anywhere, any time.

What are the top IT problems facing the legal industry?

The biggest IT problem facing the legal industry is visibility. Without the ability to see where data is stored, who’s using the data, and what’s happening to it, law firms run the risk of security breaches or compliance failures.

Why do managed IT services for legal firms matter?

Managed IT services make it possible for firms to target and address their biggest technology challenges. From cutting-edge security solutions to data backups and on-demand user access, MSPs allow organizations to spend money on what matters for maximum returns.

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