Managed IT Services For Financial Institutions

At CTG, we understand the unique challenges the financial industry faces on a daily basis. Security is paramount, but it isn’t your only concern. Having a robust backup system is also a priority, ensuring the integrity of your records should disaster strike. Gaining access to high-tech infrastructure is a must, ensuring you can access critical data and that your complex systems operated efficiently.

With a presence in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, and Amarillo, CTG can provide local IT services for financial industry businesses quickly and efficiently. Plus, all proactive maintenance is always included with your services, ensuring your systems remain fully updated, secure, and compliant.

Financial Industry IT Support Services

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Uniquely Tailored Financial IT Services With Advanced Network Security Services

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Business Continuity

When you operate in the financial industry, downtime isn’t an option. It can significantly harm operations, productivity, and destroy customer confidence. Having a robust business continuity solution ensures you can regain normal business operations quickly and that your sensitive data is always safe & secure.

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Financial Cloud IT Services & Consulting

Cloud environments allow your workforce to interact, collaborate, and access resources from any location. Highly portable and accessible, with robust computing power employees can get work done with greater ease.

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Increased Collaboration Through Hosted VOIP

A hosted VoIP solution ensures that all staff members can communicate effectively. Mobile integration enables professionals to remain easily connected regardless of whether they are in the office, meeting with clients, or working from home.

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Managed Cyber Security & Financial Industry Compliance

Protecting your data and network is a must. Ransomware and malware can wreak havoc on operations and put your data at risk. With the right solution, you can protect your system.

Driving IT ROI With CTG

IT is now an essential component of strategic objectives. This means financial firms need a technology partner that understands both the technical and business impacts of solution and service deployments.

With more than 40 years of industry experience helping financial organizations streamline IT deployments and gain maximum value from technology implementations, managed services from CTG Tech can help drive consistent return on investment (ROI). Start with our financial services IT consulting to plan out where processes and performance can be improved, then deliver on that planning with customized technology implementation.

What are the benefits of outsourced IT for the financial industry?

Managed IT for financial institutions provides peace of mind for IT teams and C-suite executives, and allows technology professionals to focus on line-of-business objectives that help drive increased revenue. For example, outsourcing data backups and network support to a trusted partner allows teams to take on new projects such as the development and deployment of mobile banking apps.

What are the biggest IT challenges faced by the financial industry?

Two of the biggest IT challenges for the financial industry are security and compliance. With digital financial data now a valuable target for attackers, legacy security tools simply can’t keep pace. And when it comes to compliance, increasing oversight of client data defense requires financial firms to proactively protect this information rather than addressing issues after the fact.

Why do financial firms need managed IT services?

While firms can handle IT entirely in-house, third-party IT support for financial services helps reduce the amount of time, effort and money required to manage these processes. Consider a new ERP system integration. Handled by local IT staff in addition to their regular duties, this process could take months and run significantly over budget. By leveraging a trusted MSP for project management services firms can ensure they stay on time and on budget.

Need local IT solutions for financial services in Texas? CTG Tech has you covered.