Providing Reliable IT Services In Richardson, TX

The world is evolving at a rapid pace and often by the time you hear about a noteworthy item, it’s already old news. Staying ahead of the game when it comes to IT means hiring those who are skilled in the field and can offer you directed and pertinent advice on your technological services and potential upgrades. Your competitors have the same goal as you – providing great service to their customers. Your competitors are willing to take any edge that technology offers them to make themselves more relevant. Why not beat them at their own game? With a managed IT structure designed to offer the greatest benefits in terms of consultancy and IT support, CTG Tech is the right company for you.

Network & Computer Support in Richardson, TX

A business is built on the framework of the transfer of information from place to place. All business owners know this, and in order to make for a more successful business, a company needs to have well-managed IT services to support its staff in their work. Hiring a dedicated staff of workers can be a drain on company finances, and in the long run, it might cost far more than what should be paid for professionally managed IT services. CTG Tech seeks to provide affordable managed IT support services to companies, freeing up their human resources to better work on tasks that benefit the company overall. Don’t let a lack of IT services be the downfall of your company. Let the professionals handle it for you.

CTG Tech IT support Services & IT Consulting in Richardson TX Includes

  • Eliminate Expensive Repairs – Our complete 24/7 network monitoring & maintenance will prevent potential problems before they turn into downtime.
  • Backup / Data Recovery– Never lose sleep again knowing the best IT services company is monitoring your backups 24/7 & is ready to restore if the need arises.
  • Cloud Backup & Business Continuity– Don’t wait until you have a disaster, CTG Tech backs up your critical data via Cloud to our secure data centers.
  • Rapid Response– Our highly trained network administrators have access to all of your devices at their fingertips to resolve any IT Support issue.
  • IT Security– CTG Tech uses industry best practices to ensure you are protected against cyber-attacks or malicious malware (i.e. Ransomware”)

Richardson Businesses We Serve

Our clients span a wide range of industries, from the small and medium businesses that populate city centers around the country, to massive financial institutions and legal collectives. CTG Tech provides IT services for healthcare, IT services for law firms, financial services IT, and more. We’re the go-to company for IT services in Richardson for a long list of industries.

What we bring to the table is a secure management regime for all IT needs, saving our customers time and money overall. We provide IT services to our clients that allow them to do their jobs without having to worry about the stability of their network!  With our proactive approach to IT Support, we are able to provide a reliable IT Service that allows our Richardson clients to sleep easily at night without having to worry about their Technology.

CTG Tech Is A Local Business

Texas is a big place, but in our little portion of Texas, we are glad to see the area developing into a place with something for everyone to experience. The Eisemann Center for the Performing Arts represents one of the most vibrant production facilities in Texas, a sure treat for any resident or visitor to the area. For those interested in automotive history, the North Texas Automotive Museum has a lot to see – and includes all kinds of interesting pieces of history that you may not even be aware of. For baseball fans, Breckinridge Park plays host to some real nail-biters, and attendance is well worth the experience. CTG Tech is glad to be a part of this vibrant and developing community by providing businesses with reliable IT Support and Managed IT Services throughout Richardson, TX.

CTG Tech makes it easy for a business to fulfill its function, by providing more manpower to tackle critical tasks. Experience firsthand how professionally managed IT should be executed. Don’t wait – contact us and let us demonstrate the best in managed IT services.


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