Managed IT Services for Manufacturing

At CTG Tech, we understand the unique challenges faced by the manufacturing  industry , such as  increasing  efficiency and streamlining process management. These priorities require an extensive and thoughtful IT strategy. With over 35 years of experience committed to quality service for industries like yours, you can trust us to find customized solutions tailored specifically around your needs.

Manufacturing companies are constantly seeking new ways to increase productivity, streamline processes, and minimize the risk of disruption. Secure backups are essential for storing critical data, including everything from inventory records to shipment details to payment tracking. Redundancy is also necessary (in this case using data backups), ensuring that production can continue even if a primary system fails. For any business owner serious about keeping up with the times – or just worried about potential downtime – these are abilities that should be considered an absolute

With a presence in DallasFort WorthArlington, and Amarillo, CTG can provide local manufacturing IT support quickly and efficiently. Plus, companies always receive proactive maintenance on the included systems, ensuring everything is up-to-date and secure, and keeping your systems operational day in and day out.

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Save time and money on managed information technology services to guarantee your workplace is always up. When you operate a small or mid-sized business, downtime can drastically harm productivity. Having a robust business continuity solution ensures that no matter what kind of disaster strikes, you will be able to resume normal operations quickly and easily.

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All data is centrally managed, and we deliver a cost-effective, scalable cloud computing environment that meets our client’s specific needs. Our expertise means you can focus on your business instead of managing hardware or software upgrades, stored it jobs, backup processes, or anything related to computers and technology issues.

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VoIP phone systems provide you with an unparalleled call quality that not only eliminates the need for traditional landlines but also integrates with mobile devices. You get an unmatched experience whether you are in the office or on the floor, ensuring you can remain connected no matter where the day takes you.

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With cyber threats becoming increasingly sophisticated, having strong network and data security is a must. Ransomware and malware can wreak havoc on operations, but the right security solution can provide you with protection, stopping threats before they can strike.

Manufacturing Managed IT Services from CTG include:

  • Dependable and secure data storage
  • Design filing and retrieval systems
  • 24/7 Proactive IT infrastructure monitoring
  • Fast response times
  • Personal, fully-integrated IT support team
  • Hardware installations and maintenance
  • Software implementation
  • Reliable network and communication

Downtime isn’t an option for manufacturing companies. Downtime means delayed projects, missed deadlines, draining profit, and angry clients. A company that can’t afford downtime or errors in their business IT should make sure they utilize reliable and efficient tech solutions so that they never have to sit back and watch helplessly as yet another program crashes and loses precious data.

CTG Tech offers IT solutions and management services that will keep your manufacturing business up and running at top capacity. You’re the expert at creating products and constructing buildings – keep doing what you know best and let CTG’s expertise boost your productivity and profit with customized, proven IT solutions and management. With more than 40 years of experience, CTG offers IT solutions for the manufacturing industry in Texas that don’t just support the status quo but let your team make the most of technology deployments to maximize precision, performance and production.

Want to see your manufacturing plant’s IT take your business to the next level? Start using CTG Tech’s IT Services and place the power of technology in support of your business!


What are the benefits of outsourcing managed IT services for the manufacturing industry?

Outsourcing manufacturing IT solutions offers several benefits for businesses. First is improved regulatory compliance. Backed by a trusted partner with a reputation for IT security, firms can both reduce the risk of third-party vendor breaches and eliminate common IT security weak points.

Managed services also provide an additional layer of backup and recovery support to ensure company data is available on-demand in the event of a disaster or attack.

What are the top IT challenges facing the manufacturing industry?

Two of the top IT challenges for the manufacturing industry are legacy processes and limited visibility. For example, many companies still rely on in-house processes built 10, 20 or even 30 years ago that cannot securely connect with new technologies, in turn creating both complexity and risk.

The expanding use of cloud solutions and connected devices, meanwhile, can frustrate IT efforts to see what’s happening, where and why.

Why do manufacturing companies need managed IT services?

Manufacturing companies need managed IT services so they can focus on what matters: Running the business. Backed by experienced technology firms, businesses benefit from both reliable data protection and a solid technology foundation that empowers them to improve processes without compromising security.