Internet Outages Don't Have to Halt Your Business Operations

CTG Tech’s Ultra fast 4G-5G Failover Service ensures your business continues running smoothly. 4G and 5G failover service provides a more reliable internet connection than wireline circuits because they can’t be cut like the ones in construction mishaps, traffic accidents or natural disasters. Failover Service switches employees over to a secondary system in case their primary connection fails. Failover internet is like having an insurance policy for downtime.

Companies are spending large amounts of money on internet connections like fiber, when in reality the company may not be prepared for when these fail. As cloud applications have become critical to many businesses, internet service has become more important too. Wired internet connections are susceptible do a range of possible issues that can disrupt business operations. Having a failover service ensures your business is never offline.

How to minimize downtime costs

When downtime strikes, companies of all shapes and sizes face expenses to get back up and running. Keep your business safe by developing a disaster recovery plan that spins activity away from the need for an immediate solution in case of a problem. Everyone benefits when you protect company data with cloud backup or off-site storage so that it’s protected.

The full cost of downtime

At first glance, it might not seem like downtime costs much. But the truth is that these losses are far reaching and impact many aspects of a company including lost revenue, employee productivity, product quality control issues among others.

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6 Benefits of Business Continuity Plan

A disaster is never going to choose a convenient time for striking your business. It will strike without notifying you or asking for your permission, and once it does it can greatly damage your business if you don’t have a business continuity plan in place already.

Since you can never rule out the possibility of a disaster incident happening to your business, it’s important to have a recovery strategy to overcome these incidents without any bruises to your business integrity.