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Onboarding and Offboarding Process: Why it Matters

Onboarding and offboarding employees are essential processes to any business, and they are equally important. The onboarding process is essential to employee retention. Your business’s HR department handles setting clear expectations, providing what your new employees need, and creating an overall smooth transition into their new role. The new hire process is one of the first impressions your new hire will have of your business.

Studies have shown more than half of people read employee reviews of a business before deciding to apply . Some even read customer reviews to get a more in depth look at how a company treats people not only internally, but externally also. Did you know the leading cause of job dissatisfaction is due to lack of feeling appreciated by managers? Most managers believe employee resignation is due to not making enough money.

“Failure to formalize an onboarding process for your organization can spell disaster.”

Onboarding Process

An MSP (managed service provider) can help you with the transition by ensuring your new employees have accounts, login credentials, access to what they need, and more in a timely manner. Onboarding new employees requires multiple departments to work together for the process to work and be efficient.

Most new employees expect their first day to be long, unproductive, and full of paperwork. You can provide your new hire with an efficient first day and save yourself time by having them complete many, if not all, new-hire paperwork prior to their arrival. You can ensure all necessary new hire forms are completed by visiting the Texas AOG Employer’s Portal.

The website can provide you with the forms and processes required by employees for Texas new hire reporting, updating tax forms, and more.


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Offboarding Process

The prompt process of offboarding an employee is just as important as onboarding. No matter the circumstances of an employee’s departure from your company, thoroughly completing their offboarding is important for many reasons. One key factor of an employee leaving is the communication that must take place between departments.

When communication about an employee’s departure is lacking between departments, it can cause your team to assume certain things which can lead to misinformation, and ultimately hinder the culture of the workplace. A strong offboarding policy is important for mitigating risks, analyzing areas for improvement, and inspiring positive change throughout the company, which can lead to employee retention.

It’s essential to notify your MSP or IT department of the employee’s departure. They can ensure all access is removed at the correct time to provide you peace of mind that your company’s network and data cannot be accessed after they leave.

When an employee approaches you with their intentions of exiting the company, the offboarding process begins. Just like with onboarding, multiple departments will need to work together to ensure efficiency. Having clear departing employee procedures will help the process run smoothly for everyone.

The Importance of a Process

Onboarding and Offboarding employees are extremely valuable for your company overall. Your company can better mitigate risks, improve efficiency, and reduce employee turnovers. Exit interviews are especially important for supplying necessary visibility to managers on flaws or risks within the company that they may have not been aware of before.

63% of employees have stated they’ve brought data from their previous employer to their current employer.”

With all our clients at CTG, we ensure a smooth offboarding/onboarding technology process to get them the tools they need to start right away or restrict access to offboarding employees. Ensure the privacy of your data and security of your business against all threats, even insiders. To learn more about how you can protect your business, contact us today for a free cybersecurity network assessment.

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