IT Projects backed by IT Strategy

There’s no doubt about it: IT projects are complex. They require a unique combination of technology, people, and processes to complete successfully. And finding an IT firm that understands this and has a methodology to address it is rare. IT projects management are only successful when your IT firm understands people as much as the technology that’s driving them forward.

If you’re considering hiring an IT consultant to help you with your next IT project, here are some questions you should ask.

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Top 10 Questions to Ask about IT Project Management

  1. How many years has your IT Firm been in business?
  2. What type of seminars does your IT Services firm attend to keep up with the latest emerging technologies?
  3. Is the IT Firm going to treat you like a number or are they going to have your best interest at heart?
  4. What qualifications does your firm have before taking on an IT Project?
  5. Has the IT Firm won awards in their industry to prove consistent results?
  6. Does the firm have a process to ensure that the IT Projects are on-time and on budget? (project manager, client dedicated CTO, etc.)
  7. Does the IT Firm provide specific options and a cost-benefit analysis to ensure you are getting the right technology within your IT budget?
  8. When it comes to IT Projects hardware can be more lucrative for the IT Firm.  Are they researching and providing the best available technology that benefits the Client. (cloud hosting vs. on-premise)
  9. Does the IT Firm provide a lease to buy option for your IT Project?
  10. Does the firm provide a True Flat Rate or charge by the hour?

Unfortunately, not all IT firms are built equally. Some firms only offer a certain type of technology solution. Too often, the IT firm receives incentives or discounts from the software manufacturer, either on an installation basis or for meeting a sales quota. As such, they don’t always provide a truly independent analysis.

Whatever your needs are, it’s essential to find an IT firm that is going to partner with your organization and look out for your best interests.

Keeping IT Projects Predictable

The CTG Philosophy on IT Project Management

CTG takes a comprehensive approach to help discover, isolate, and solve operational issues that drive down your bottom line.  CTG’s expert consultants will meet with your management team and staff in each department to get a full understanding of your different processes, business systems, and potential operational issues. After all the data is collected from your staff and tools monitoring tools, CTG experts will build a comprehensive IT plan and a strategic IT roadmap. A lot of the issues, however, will be remediated by our IT experts your network monitoring team.

Benefit from a Strategic IT Roadmap (1-5 Year Plan)

To minimize your risk, you will receive an IT roadmap includes a 1-5 year plan that aligns with your business objectives and goals. Your five year strategic IT plan roadmap includes; product lifecycle (end-of-life), warranty, software information expiration & support agreements, etc. – allowing you to have a consistent finish predictable IT budget.  Our IT plan is laid out from most critical to least critical along with a cost-benefit analysis so you can be ensured your making an informed decision. Once approved we will enter a project engagement and provide you with projected start/finish date. Having the right IT Asset lifecycle management process in place will allow you to be proactive with budgeting and help eliminate your risk.

It is Not Just an IT Project IT is a Strategic Partnership

With our process and philosophy, CTG Tech will help…

  • Leverage technology to establish a competitive advantage in your industry
  • Enhance current capabilities or develop and launch new ones
  • Improve business unit functions, including sales, marketing, product lifecycle management, supply chain management, and overall customer service
  • Make your products and/or services more competitive in the marketplace
  • Make operations and overhead more cost-efficient
  • Deploy the most up-to-date IT technology to ensure your business is more profitable
  • Optimize business processes
  • Analyze business systems and provide strategic recommendations for ensuring smooth business operations and improved outcomes
  • And lastly Keep Your IT Budget Predictable.

Comprehensive Approach. Predictable Budgets.

At CTG, our mission is to help your business grow by achieving its objectives. We accomplish this by providing customizable technology suites and services. Not only do we provide IT support, but we also bring CTO-level expertise and strategy. From evaluating and selecting the right technologies to reach organizational goals to ensuring your IT operations don’t fail at crucial times, CTG is here to help you grow. Most importantly, we believe in transparency and provide flat-rate IT services that deliver the technology solutions that meet your budget.

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