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What is a Cyber Crime?

What do you think of when you hear “hacker”? From stereotypes what comes to mind is a guy in a hood hunched over a computer or a computer genius. For example, the movie “The Social Network” you see the Mark Zuckerberg character just whizzing through and hacking networks because he’s a super genius.

In the real world, not all cybercriminals are computer masterminds, but most are experts at social engineering. They’re good at pretending to be someone or something they’re not, and exploiting your vulnerabilities to manipulate you into trusting them and handing over personal information. They create  “targeted lies designed to get you to let your guard down.”

What to do if you become a victim of a cyber attack:

  • Immediately notify your supervisors and IT department.
  • Notify your local authorities to file a complaint.
  • Keep record of all evidence of the incident and the suspected source of the attack.

Cybercrime has become an international affair in which multiple agencies all over the world join in the fight against it. However, the lack of reporting, coupled with the fact that cybersecurity agencies are significantly understaffed, make it extremely difficult for cyber criminals to be caught, apprehended, and charged. This is why it is important to report cyber attacks.

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The faster a cyber attack is reported, the better chance there is for it to be controlled. Not reporting a cyber attack is like not calling 911 after witnessing a car accident or robbery. If authorities don’t know what’s happened, they can’t help.

If you worry about cybersecurity, you’re not alone. Did you know 68% of business managers and owners feel their cybersecurity risks are increasing too? A managed service provider can help you relax by securing your network, helping you construct a cyber security protocol, provide data back up and recovery solutions, as well as equip your employees with security training.


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