Top 6 Benefits of Outsourcing IT Services In Healthcare

In-house IT support team or an outsourced IT services provider in healthcare has been debatable for many years. Many health practices and hospitals in Dallas and Fort Worth feel that outsourcing their IT requirements to a professional vendor can reduce their headaches to some extent. There are several IT vendors that offer turnkey solutions that comply and meet the demands of HIPAA and are readily available to for your healthcare business.

Since technology is growing at a rapid pace, it is often a cumbersome task for small and medium-sized businesses to keep track of the latest developments. Outsourcing your IT requirements includes hardware infrastructure, software, cloud, and database management system as well. Let’s discuss the major benefits of outsourced IT services in healthcare.

Lower Costs

One of the main benefits of outsourced IT services is that companies can lower their costs to a great extent. Since you are only paying a fixed cost every month to the company, you are outsourcing, you can be in total control over the expenditure on IT services. If you are in a healthcare industry and recruiting a talented and experienced IT specialist could be a daunting task. Both your time and effort are spent on advertising for the position, filtering through the applications received and then finally interviewing and selecting the deserving candidate. Moreover, running your own IT infrastructure can lead to spiraling costs, and experienced and skilled IT specialists need to be adequately compensated as well.

Access to Skilled Resources

Unless you are a large company equipped with a skilled and experienced IT team, you definitely need to outsource your IT services to a professional vendor. If you are a small and medium hospital with a little team, it will be certainly overworked. At the same time, vendors, offering Managed IT services for Healthcare in Dallas and Fort Worth, are professionals and experts in implementing the latest technology. They have in-depth knowledge of Healthcare industry and equipped with a highly qualified team. You can avail all those benefits just by a fixed monthly fee for your IT services.

Stay Updated with the Latest Trends

When it comes to the benefits of outsourced IT services in healthcare, one of the major benefits is you can always stay updated with the modern trends and technologies. An experienced Healthcare IT Support vendor can bring in excellent infrastructure and support services along with tools and latest technologies like multi-factor detection, single sign-on, or many other features that you may even never heard of. They provide you with only tried and trusted procedures and processes along with detailed documentation and structured methodologies.

Additionally, professional healthcare vendor hires and trains their staff on a continual basis to keep them updated with the latest IT technologies. However, this may cost you a lot of time and effort to do the same thing.

24/7 Monitoring and Support

Even if you have your own IT team, it is highly impossible to monitor your IT environment 24×7 unless you have staffs working on shifts. However, professional Managed IT Services vendors have access to the latest tools and technologies to monitor your environment every minute. They even install alert systems to notify them immediately of any issues in the network. They even can foresee the potential issues in the future and advise you on the best possible solution.

Moreover, Healthcare IT service provider can offer 24×7 onsite support as well, which is foremost important for any healthcare business. A professional IT vendor can come up with a robust backup plan to ensure that your patient and other hospital data is always safe and secure.

Furthermore, healthcare IT service providers can preventively maintain the applications and infrastructure.

Compliance and Security

The patients’ information PHI is significantly important for any doctors office or hospital. IT is an overwhelming task for even an onsite engineer with years of healthcare background and understanding the rules and regulations. You can be relaxed and focus on your medical practice or hospital by outsourcing your IT needs to Healthcare IT vendor. Moreover, vendors like CTG Tech, adhere to HIPAA Compliance security policies and procedures, along with watertight data assurance. Network Security is not just about installing firewalls and anti-virus software and patch updates. It is a continuous process of auditing your network, workstations and re mediating any potential security vulnerabilities. And when it comes to HIPAA it all has to be documented properly to satisfy the Department of Health & Human Services policies and procedures & maintaining the right standards at all times. This is where an advanced Network Security Services Provider vendor like CTG Tech can be of a great help for hospitals in and around the Dallas and Fort Worth areas.

Whether you are a 10-15 member company or a 300-400+ user hospital, it is extremely important to have the proper security process in place to ensure that your reporting, policies and procedures are implemented the right way and reports can be provided to meet the demands of the Federal Regulations.  A large hospital with its own IT staff may want to outsource just the security piece with a complete turn key SEIMS and SOC solution.  Where as a smaller practice may not need a SEIMS and SOC, but still want to offload these services to keep up HIPAA with the rules and regulations.  CTG Tech provides a FLAT Rate managed security services specifically to your needs, that will adhere to the standards.

Minimize Risk

Another benefit of outsourced IT services is keeping your IT infrastructure up-to-date at all times and lessen the burden in your day-to-day activities by automating certain processes. They will also take care in auditing your IT infrastructure, pushing updates and patches as and when required, verifying if backups are working as planned to eliminate all kinds of problems and risk from a catastrophic occurrence.


The benefits of Outsourcing IT services are not limited to costing, technology and security, but it offers mobility and enhances your productivity resulting in increased quality services to your patients. Hiring Healthcare IT service provider like CTG Tech can boost your business objectives to the next level. Moreover, CTG Tech has ranked 94th among the 100 MSPs of North America in the healthcare vertical markets in 2018. Visit our About CTG page to see all of our achievements alone in 2018.

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