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Legal Trends for 2021

We have seen the pandemic accelerate the progress of longstanding trends. Law firms that invest in technology now will position themselves ahead of competition. With new emerging technology, the legal industry expects to continue providing legal services remotely, and begin automating more processes. With the ability for technology to improve productivity, legal professionals will soon have new job roles. Specialized services are expected to increase, creating unique opportunities for legal professionals and firms.

#1 – Remote Work

Remote work was adopted across many industries during the midst of the global pandemic, and for some it is becoming a permanent way to conduct business. Studies have even shown that employees who work from home are more productive and lead healthier lifestyles.

#2 – New Talent and Workforce

Outsourcing the legal process can increase productivity of the firm overall by allowing smaller tasks to be completed by an outside entity. With the time that becomes available by removing the responsibility from a legal professional can allow them to focus on more sensitive tasks more thoroughly.

#3 – Emerging Technology

Efficiency and saving money are two of the most important reasons for adopting new technology. Simplifying the legal process and eliminating human error through automation and finding easy ways to search case records or witness statements that have been described are a couple of examples of new technology. Offering electronic billing is a convenient way to offer payment to be made instantly and from anywhere.

#4 – Micro Niches

Micro-niches and other specialized legal services are expected to increase this year, creating new opportunities for legal professionals and firms alike to offer what other firms may not.

High skilled roles in litigation support are beginning to emerge in order to develop and administer new technologies. AI (artificial intelligence) is also beginning to take over repetitive duties is order to transform the job roles of legal professionals.

We can expect to see a lot of changes regarding the legalities of COVID-19 relief for businesses and individuals, which may require specific skills and focus for legal professionals. Laws and regulations with the new presidency, as well as the majority of the Baby Boomer generation reaching retirement will require specific dedication as well.

#5 – Reinforcement of Relationships

LPM (Legal Process Management) is being used to improve client experience. It’s been predicted that nearly 90% of customer interactions are being managed without humans. While this has improved the efficiency of the legal process overall, it can leave clients feeling vulnerable and disconnected, especially during sensitive cases. Clients are not the only ones who are in need of relationships, but partners of your firm or business feel the same way.

Many people have suffered from the lack of feeling connected and engaging relationships during the pandemic, therefore it is no surprise that businesses are yearning for the same. Businesses of all kinds are focused on building relationships that can be trusted to be sympathetic during difficult times. Focusing on partnerships that will last is not only comforting for businesses, but provides security if disaster were to happen again.

The impacts of the global pandemic have touched every aspect of our livelihood. We have seen big shifts in certain industries, who have had to completely reinvent how their business operates in order to remain open, and others, who have unfortunately had to close their doors for good. For other industries, such as the legal sector, we have seen the pandemic accelerate the progress of longstanding trends.


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