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New Features for Microsoft Teams

While the COVID-19 pandemic is settling down IT industry along with businesses all over the world are determining the “new normal.”  Microsoft Teams has become an incredible tool for all kinds of businesses and their attempts at maintaining productivity and staying connected. Currently, there are around 27 Team features in development for June and the top three will be released first.

Do you also own a Microsoft department and want to boost the power of your team? If yes, then you must get familiar with the latest amazing features that are released this month i.e. June 2020.

  • Manage the Tasks App: The task app offers a cohesive task management experience to the Microsoft teams to use to-do applications. Now, it is important to know what more new features you expect. Users can choose the custom views for charts, boards, tasks, and schedules to get the job done right. Project managers can easily have access to the tools in order to direct activities for the top management teams.
  • Multi- windows Calls and Meetings: With the latest features coming out in June, you will now allow you Microsoft teams to schedule meetings and calls in two separate windows and streamline your work operations. If there is a need to respond to the chat while being on call, it is easy to manage both the things without having to minimize screens.
  • Settings for Channel Notifications: If you are new at managing channels, you can now check out the latest Microsoft’s article to keep up with the current trends.  It is possible to divide even the conversations into Microsoft teams by subject. With the help of these features, teams will easily control the channels to receive notifications. Also, you can turn on and off all the channel activities.
  • Enhance Team Meeting Attendee Limits: You can now increase the team meeting attendee limits with the latest features. You can now allow 350 members to join the meetings. This new capacity will help you access more widespread team collaboration all across the business environment.
  • Chat Translation: As there are more than 7000 languages all across the world and Microsoft can translate them. The translation of the post can easily be done by Microsoft to translate the chat and channels. With just a few clicks, Microsoft Teams will translate various languages on iOS in around 60 different languages.

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