Say “No” and Take Back Your Time

Have you ever wondered how successful people accomplish a lot? One reason is because they know how to spend their time wisely. They choose to use their time being productive. To become successful like this, you also need to develop such skills.

Nobody has infinite time to accomplish everything, and successful people learn to discipline themselves and avoid procrastination. One of the most important things they do is they don’t hesitate saying “no” to people, especially when it comes to priority. Sometimes, saying ‘No’ is difficult when you don’t want to let people down, or you enjoy helping, but keeping your time to yourself is the best thing you can do, especially when you have a lot on your plate. Many people don’t want to say no and struggle with feeling guilty about it. They even think that denying something can build their image as a selfish and an uncaring person, but understanding saying no isn’t selfish will help you feel better about deciding to say no.

And as a result, they tend to choose the path of least potential conflict, do ordinary things and comply with other individuals. However, some people try to say ‘No’, but that sounds like an excuse. For instance, if they say- I would have surely helped you but I am really busy, the problem with this approach is that it allows the other person to ask you continuously. They may think like- “since you are busy today, how about tomorrow?”

  • Say It Clearly:

Avoid giving excuses. This gives off the impression that you are unsure of your answer and that you could change your mind if convinced. You can give an explanation in brief if the situation demands, but don’t feel compelled. It is important to say it clearly without giving any detailed explanation on why you are denying the request. It’s your time, and you don’t have to give it away.

  • Don’t Feel Hesitant To Say ‘No’Twice:

Sometimes people can be persistent when asking for your assistance. If this happens, don’t hesitate to repeat your answer, and consider providing an explanation.

  • Know Your Priorities:

You need to know your priorities and be careful about losing focus or changing the priorities of your own tasks to prioritize someone else’s. Set goals and enter armed with a sense of what you’re going to accomplish. Once you understand what needs to be done and you have a realistic goal to achieve, you can make the decisions easier if you’re approached and asked to help with something else.

  • Use a Firm Alternative of ‘No’:

If you find it hard to say ‘No’ or the person you’re speaking to isn’t accepting ‘no,’ try another phrase. When a person offers you something or invite you, but you are not interested, you can simply say-

  • I appreciate your time, but nothank you.
  • Thanks, but nottoday
  • I’m afraid I can’t
  • Thanks for asking!
  • I am notreally into it, but thank you for asking!
  • Be Polite But Assertive:

Sometimes you can say- I am sorry but I’m not sure right now, but I can let you know later. This approach sounds fine and polite but can be dynamic. In such a case, you are taking charge and telling people about the uncertainty. Chances are, they can ask you again and probably you may not say ‘No’ again.

  • It Is OKTo Be Selfish

Most importantly, when you are at work your work comes first. If you prioritize your tasks based on other’s needs, your productivity and efficiency will suffer. Thus, to accomplish your tasks like successful people, you need to act like them and learn to say ‘No’ to things that are not in your scheduled list.

  • Say ‘No’To Share Your Passwords:

First of all, it is always recommended to use a long and strong passwords with numbers and special characters. But if someone, especially your close friend asks for the password of your personal account, then you can say ‘No’ to him/her without being hesitant.

  • Consider Your Safety First:

Any personal information requested of you is your choice to share. You must understand the risks of sharing personal information to take into consideration in your decision to share it or not.

When it comes to maintaining relationships while saying ‘No’, you should always be form and clear. If necessary, you can give a reason. You can allow someone to understand your situation and therefore why you are denying their request. This is important to make others see your perspective.

If you want to achieve your goals like successful people, you should learn to say ‘No’. It is not about saying ‘No’ to everything, but it’s important to understand your priorities and focus on what really matters.

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