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Tips To Build An Uncrackable Password

Do you find it quite daunting to create highly secure passwords? Looking for some proven tips to create strong but easy to recall passwords? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Most often, people don’t take this topic as a major concern until any security breach happens. It has been estimated in a recent security report tat around 92% of online users put their data on risk due to keeping simple passwords across multiple accounts. Also, people try to make it easy as “Password”, “12345”, “Name” or “Date of Birth” or it is one of the common serious password related mistakes which you need to avoid. These look very easy to recall but that also makes them easy to hack.

Use Your Phrase:

Hackers use several tactics for trying to get into your systems. One of the most elementary ways is that they target you personally and type in letters, symbols and numbers manually to guess your set password. Besides, they use the more advanced technique named “brute force attack”. Passwords that are simple and short take just a second to crack with this. The technique involves a computer program that runs through almost all the possible combinations of numbers, letters and symbols in just the least time to crack your password.

To minimize the risk of such hacks, it is recommended to use phrases as your password. First of all, it is good to create a long password that includes any phrase or random words. you can make it strongest by making it grammatically incorrect. This will prove to be a no. 1 trick to avoid hacking vulnerability. Also, you should avoid choosing sequential characters and numbers on keywords such as “123” or “@#$%^”.
Use nonsense and meaningless phrases as a password. For example:

  1. gradual delay in asset centres
  2. bridge profit bundle disease
  3. whose category animal mutual and so on.

Set a Unique Password For Every Account:

Just to avoid “forget password” or recalling the password through certain questions and OTPs, people set the same password for more than one account that makes them very easy to hack.

When hackers or cyber intruders make large-scale theft, they can easily get into your account through the list of compromised passwords and email addresses which get leaked online. They can harm you in any way through popular email servers. In such a scenario when you are using a similar password in every account just to for the remembrance, keeping a unique password across multiple accounts is a mandate.

Just Play With Letters And Spellings:

As mentioned earlier, a simple and short password can be cracked by an advanced brute force the attack method used by hackers. To highlight the significance of a long, unique and random password, it is suggested to play with spellings and letters. You should avoid spellings available in dictionaries and add some sort of creativity in them. For instance, if you are using your password as- Welcome Back Johnsmith, you can set instead, Wellcome Bake Johnsmith @*:). Well, the changes were minor but that makes a great difference and makes it hard for hackers to hack your password.

Along with this, you can go with incorporate shortcut codes, phrases, homonyms or acronyms. Putting a quote that belongs to you and motivate you can also be a cool idea. For example: If you like to put a quote- One for all and all for one, this looks quite simple. But if you use 14A&A41, it will be a stronger one. Homonyms are also a preferred way to make your password strong. You can use “two” instead of “to”, “except” instead of “accept” and name a few.

Make Strength Strongest With Random Numbers And Capitalizations:

Yes, you can easily make the password strength strongest by including random numbers and capitalizations. of course, you have countless combinations with numbers, letters and symbols. So, why to use a simple password? Just add some creativity and ensure security from any data breaches. But make sure to keep your password memorable with that capitalization and numbers.

Here are some examples you can refer to create your password:

Use Upper case:
Use Lower case:
make your password memorable
Use Title case:
Make Your Password Memorable
Use the reverse title case:
makE youR passworD memorablE
Use Leet case (capitalized every second letter):
MaKe YoUr PaSsWoRd MeMoRaBlE
Title case with caps lock ON:
use capital letters on the second word
make YOUR password memorable
Use the same number after every word
Make2 Your2 Password2 Memorable2

Create Something With Emoticons:

As your keyboards contain 101 to 105 keys, there are a plethora of options when it comes to creating a unique and strong password. Using emoticons is the coolest idea to have a creative and memorable password while boosting the power of your password. Just try out the following emoticons along with your passwords of mixed characters, letters and symbols.
:D,Concluding this, creating your password unique and string should be your primary concern as you won’t like to lose any of your sensitive data or getting your account hacked from any intruders. Along with this, if we talk about the security breaches in businesses, it is highly important to avail the best and reliable managed IT services. This will prove to be your smartest decision as it will not just ensure security on data loss, thefts or vulnerability but will streamline business processes and reduce the downtime. Whether it is a legal firm, SMB business, health-care facility, financial department or manufacturing/construction company, availing managed IT services can benefit them all.

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