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Tips to Detect Credit Card Skimmers


3 Good Tips to Detect Credit Card Skimmers

Nowadays, credit card fraud and unauthorized access have become more sophisticated. Credit card hackers use particular devices known as “skimmers” that access and store your data when you swipe or insert your credit card. Luckily, you can easily identify the skimmers visually. But the question is- how hackers get your credit card information when you rarely let your card out of your sight? How everyday more and more people are becoming a victim of credit card skimmers?

Well, credit card skimmers can be on anything- a pump at the gas station, the POS terminal at the register of the grocery store, the ATM machine nearer to your bank and even on the friend waiting tables at the restaurant.

What Is The Credit Card Skimmer?

A credit card skimmer is a portable device that is attached to the top or front of the legitimate scanner. This device captures your credit card information and passively record the data as you insert your card into the scanner. Most often, credit card scammers temporarily affix the credit card skimmer to ATMs, pumps and point-of-sale terminals because they can easily retrieve huge traffic there.

Now skimmer technology has become more sophisticated and inexpensive over the past few years. It is possible to capture your card info using a magnetic reader and a mini camera to capture you typing your credit card PIN. Even some skimmers can go so far to place a secondary keypad over the original keypad. That secondary keypad takes the record of your PIN when you press your input to the actual keypad.

Here are 3 good tips to detect and avoid being a victim of credit card skimmers:

  • Make Sure Nothing Moves:

    As credit card skimmers are on the rise, thus many banks and retailers often post the image of the real device so you can be aware while using the scanner. However, it is still not a fail-safe way to detect a skimmer as a credit card skimmer can put a fake image over the real image. However, one of the important tips to spot credit card skimmer is to make sure that nothing moves or feels loose. Credit card skimmers are can be attached directly on the top of keypads of the machines, so don’t be hesitated to tug or pull the machine and wiggle on the keypad. If you spot anything unusual, don’t use the machine.

  • Compare Your Machine The One Next To You:

    First of all, look at the machine next to you to see if the scanner or setup looks different. you can check if the colors are the same and there are no additional parts on yours. Unfortunately, the credit card skimmer may not be so obvious, but you may have to notice extra pieces or parts over the machine. If you see them, you might have just spotted a credit card skimmer. In such a scenario, it is in your best interest to avoid that machine. It would be better if you avoid using all the machines in that area and move to the location which is skimmer-Unfriendly. You can use the machine which is in a brightly lit area where many people pass it often.

  • Check For Hidden Text Or Graphics:

    Once you have checked out the area, and it seems safe. Now its time to check for any hidden text or graphics on the machine. Make sure that the text and graphics should be unobscured and aligned. If a credit card skimmer has been installed on the machine, you may notice the covered graphics or text. You can see the partially concealed graphics such as a cut off the word. This can be considered as the telltale sign to detect a machine with a credit card skimmer.

Apart from this, you should keep an eye on all your accounts. If you find any suspicious activity or deduction in your account balance without your knowledge, it can be a sign that your card has been skimmed. In such a case, you should report for that suspicious activity immediately. As timely reporting is very important in case of fraudulent activities associated with your credit card, so be sure about your credit card transactions.

Well, some banks and credit card providers generally have an active credit card skimmer detection policies and will reach out to you immediately via call or SMS, if they find anything suspicious. You should not ignore such notifications as it will be helpful to avoid potential attacks, thus keep your cellphone handy.

Also, it is recommended to secure your network and sensitive data by availing data security services offered by any reputed IT service provider. The professionals will help you to manage your credit card data while limiting you to be at any risk of credit card skimmers. As managed IT, IT consulting and data security services are proving to be quite beneficial for both individuals and businesses in terms of cost, they can be availed to get peace of mind.

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