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Business Needs Hardware As A Service Model

7 Signs Your Business Needs Hardware As A Service Model Implementation

When it comes to running a business, the simpler you can keep things the better. This very well explains the growing popularity of Hardware as a Service (HaaS) among businesses, a service provisioning model where a business can get IT equipment on rent from a managed services provider.

If you’re trying to make things simpler and more streamlined for your business, then implementing HaaS can be the step that you need to take right away. Look out for the below signs to see if HaaS is something that your business needs and can benefit from:

  • You Want to Be More Prudent With Your Capital Expenditures

If you have limited funds, then you would want to do everything in your power to plan your capital expenditures more wisely. The great thing about HaaS model is that it allows you to be a cautious spender without depriving your business of any hardware technology that it requires to function efficiently. Since in HaaS you obtain and use IT hardware on lease, all against one monthly fees only, you no longer have to worry about separate acquisition and maintenance costs for the hardware. Depending on your agreement with your MSP, whatever IT hardware you need will be installed, maintained, and upgraded at your organization, with the monthly payments being the only predictable expenses associated with the hardware.

  • You Want to Save Money on Taxes

The cost savings with HaaS model don’t stop with the reduction in your capital expenditures. There’s still more money to save with HaaS! The hardware equipment that you’ll be using in the model wouldn’t get counted in your capital expenditures, rather it will be considered a service that is being provided to you by a 3rd party vendor. This will reduce your tax liability as your hardware expenses will be considered as tax deductible business expenditures. As is evident, there’s plenty of money to save with HaaS model.

  • You Want Good Technology Hardware and You Want It Fast

Whether you are in the process of setting up a new business or revamping your existing business, acquiring high-grade technology hardware would be one of your most urgent requirements. You’ll find HaaS to be a huge help in meeting this urgent requirement of yours. All you have to do is work with a reliable and established managed services provider and discuss your hardware requirements with them, after which the provider would offer you with the hardware solutions you need at the earliest. Moreover, because you’re just renting the hardware, you will not need a huge amount of money to begin with either. Thus, HaaS is not only the fastest, but also the most cost-efficient way to get good IT hardware for your business operations.

  • Most of Your Equipment Has Gone Obsolete and Needs Replacement

Working with outdated IT hardware means exposing your business to all sorts of security risks every single day that you are using the hardware. Review the current hardware infrastructure of your business to see what percentage of the hardware you own has long gone obsolete and has become a liability for your business. If you find that a big chunk of your hardware infrastructure is currently out-of-date, then you’re looking at a major infrastructure overhaul. This overhaul would be much easier if you choose HaaS as a way to do it. Instead of buying new equipment, you could just lease the new IT equipment to upgrade your IT infrastructure.

  • You Can’t Decide Exactly How Much Hardware You Need Presently

As a constantly growing business, it’s going to be difficult for you to be absolutely sure about your hardware needs at any given moment. Don’t be surprised if you find that you need less equipment today, but that you need more equipment two months from now. When your hardware requirements are prone to such quick changes, renting the hardware is much better than buying it, which is exactly what you do in HaaS. This model enables high scalability, meaning you’ll be able to rent and use only as much hardware as your business needs presently. So, even if your hardware needs are varying from month to month, you can easily and quickly adapt to your present needs.

  • You Don’t Have the Right Personnel to Take Care of Your Hardware

If you don’t have the right, qualified people looking after the maintenance and upgrades of your hardware, then there’s a good chance that something somewhere will break down soon. You’d be much better off going with a HaaS model, where your managed services provider assumes the responsibility of supporting, maintaining, and updating your hardware, liberating you completely from the burden. The provider will have the requisite expertise to ensure the right care for the hardware, which consequently ensures the right care for your business operations too.

  • You Don’t Want to Be Overly Occupied With IT Hardware Management

Even though IT hardware acts as a significant pillar for your business, it’s not what the core of your business is all about. You wouldn’t want to spend better part of your day thinking about hardware replacement and maintenance, when you could be thinking about so many other important business matters. Opting for HaaS is a great way to make sure that you don’t have to spend a lot of your personal time, effort, and attention on the IT hardware management of your business. While you’ll be using the hardware and receiving all the resultant benefits, it will be the MSP putting all the hard work into managing the hardware. This will ensure that you are utilizing your day in the right way, devoting your precious resources towards more crucial business areas and issues.

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