There Might Be Hidden Traps in Your IT Services Agreements in Dallas!

Finally finding and signing the contract with what seems like a quality provider of IT services in Dallas is often exciting for a business owner. It means they can finally outsource all IT services and ensure all their employees can focus on their given duties, rather than handling tech related problems. However, some business owners aren’t often aware that there are hidden traps in their IT service agreement.

Common Traps in IT Service Agreements

In many cases, the possible traps in these service contracts remain dormant for quite a while. However, when they do emerge, the effects on a business are often quite costly.

Learn about some of the most common traps found in these service agreements here. When you know what the traps are, you can avoid them at all costs.

Automatic Renewals

This means that you initially sign a one-year service agreement, but if you fail to cancel the service by a specified date (which is usually specified in tiny print on the contract), then the agreement renews automatically. If you don’t know about this hidden trap and try to find a new vendor because the service is not meeting your expectations, you may not have the opportunity to change simply because of the automatic renewal stipulation.

Early Termination Fees

Another trap that is often hidden away in agreements with providers of IT services in Dallas is early termination fees. These fees apply to you if you attempt to end the contract before the set term is over. If you do this, you have to pay an additional fee. In some cases, this is hundreds or even thousands of dollars. If you don’t know about the stipulation when you sign the contract, and you want to make a change in the service provider being used, you may face having to remain with the same service provider or having to pay the fee to get out of the agreement.

Add-Ons and Extras

As a business owner, your goal is likely to get as many services as you can from the chosen IT service provider for the lowest price possible. However, if you don’t receive a comprehensive list of the services provided, you may quickly discover you are charged one-off costs for certain services. As a result, your month to month bill is often much higher than expected.

It is important to find an IT service provider that is completely transparent in the services offered. As a result, you can minimize the potential for surprises when it comes to your monthly bill and your agreement terms and expectations.

If you have recently discovered that the provider of IT services in Dallas you are using now is not offering exceptional service, then it is smart to make a change. There are quite a few options out there and taking your time to find a quality service provider can pay off in the long run. If you need more information about IT service providers and how to find one that offers transparent services and rates, contact us at CTG Tech today. For more informative articles like this, feel free to browse our blog!

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