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Tips For Crafting a Good Email Signature

The importance of email signatures are often overlooked. They are more than just your name and designation, but an important part of your personal branding. It’s an engaging copy that can facilitate the conversion. A witty subject line can make you open an email, and a good & professional email signature can catch the reader’s eye and leaves a memorable and positive impression.

An email signature can be considered a powerful marketing tool that helps you boost your email marketing by communicating your business offerings, wrapping up exchanges and establishing credibility. Regardless of the business you own, a startup, a medium or large enterprise, a good email signature brings your email to life and lets recipients know that the email’s legit. It is your digital business card, which is why it’s important for it to be informative, clean and readable.

Going off the above factors, there are some proven techniques to consider while designing and using a good & impressive email signature.

6 Tips For Crafting a Good Email Signature:

  • Focus On The Business Benefits:

Before you start crafting your email signature, it is vital to know what you want to achieve. How can your email signature benefit your business? Your email signature can benefit your business with increased conversions and brand awareness.

Increase Conversions:  

Of course, the body of your email has the main CTA, but your email signature can present you with one more opportunity for conversion through an RSVP or even a social following. That means you can include social icons in your signature and encourage your recipients to check out your social channels. In this way, you can give an additional boost to your social media marketing strategy.

Boost Brand Awareness:

If you are using your email while communicating with your prospective clients, make sure that the signature is properly aligned with your branding. You can even use the same colour scheme to your email signatures as your brand logo along with some specific font types to stand out from the rest of the content.

  • Keep Mobile in Mind:

People use their mobile devices constantly. Throughout the course of a day, we try to accomplish as much as we can on our phones, including opening and responding to emails. With this in mind, when you create your email signature, it is important to consider the signature’s mobile compatibility.

As different email clients utilize different  HTML rendering engines, which may lead to varied ways of displaying your email signatures. The responsive design of your email signature is important for displaying your email signature properly for mobile readers. It is recommended to use vertical layouts instead of wide ones to avoid your logo or text appearing blurry or squashed.

  • Display Important & Essential Information:

Before adding your details to your email signature, you should ask yourself this question: Is this information sufficient and necessary to share with your business associated? If yes, then cross-check the details which include, full name, designation, company, contact details (contact number and address), website URL and social icons. Along with these details, it is crucial to give focus on proper alignment and representation to craft a good email signature.

  • Consider Standard Font Size & Image Use:

Fonts play an important role for the look and feel of any email signature, which is why selecting a standard one is crucial. You should avoid using multiple font types and sizes as much as possible to keep your signature clean and professional. You can use company logos instead of profile pictures unless your role entails dealing directly with the public.

When it comes to logo image, use PNG or JPEG formats as it works across all the devices. Compressing images through tools like TinyPNG is also a good idea to ensure maximum compatibility. It is important to remember that PNG formats are the best for logos and JPEGs are best for profile pictures due to the colour quality and finishing. Along with this, make sure that the logo is small enough to fit with the rest of the elements of your email signature.

  • Make Optimal Use of Space:

Like websites, making optimal use of space in designing email signatures draws attention to many users. By simply adjusting the text fonts, colors, weight and size, you can craft a perfect email signature. You can also use dividers to define the information hierarchy in your email signature. This is helpful to represent all the information in a clear and consumable manner.

  • Focus On The Right Length:

It is quite important to focus on the right length of your email signature. The two essential elements you need to check in your email signature are, pixels and KB.

Pixels: Pixels show the size of your email signature. The ideal size of your email signature should be:

For computers: 700 x 300 pixels & For mobile devices: 320 x 600 pixels.

KB:  This determines the disk space your email signature takes when it is stored on your server. As you may have to spend a lot of emails to your clients, partners, employees or team members, you should keep it under 50KB. Checking the right signature size is easy, you just need to click on “inspect element”, and you will see the height and width of your email signature.

Check Again

As mentioned earlier, when you are done with the image use and font size, you should check the compatibility of your email signature across different devices. Once you are assured that your email signature is crafted flawlessly, you can use it for popular mailing platforms. One more thing to consider after creating an email signature is using an email encryption. Yes, it can prove to be a smart approach to protect your confidential information including bank account number, credit card number, social security number etc. from the ulterior motives of cyber intruders.


Having a solid and impressive email signature is highly beneficial for brands not only to get the attention of recipients, but leave a great impression in their minds. With these tips, you can craft a clear, concise and impressive email signature, that will ultimately benefit your business.


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