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What is Remote monitoring and management (RMM)?

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) is a process of remotely monitoring and managing endpoints (servers, workstations, etc.) for multiple clients. The function can be provided either through software or hardware, but the most cost effective option has been to use Remote Monitoring Software. This type of management allows IT professionals to monitor an organization’s networks from anywhere in the world using computers with internet access.

Around the Clock Monitoring

While not every small-to-medium business works outside normal business hours, many of them need the availability of 24/7 network access to execute critical business functions. RMM solutions can ensure that these automated processes are tracked around the clock so that failures or other technical errors can be proactively handled. An outsource IT provider can employ these tools to work all hours of the day or night which frees up the business to focus on other duties while the network is supported in the background.

Proactive IT Security

This RMM program can maintain security for the business network and data, and their customers’ data. This software is at work 24/7 by monitoring network traffic, scanning memory usage of devices, and detecting vulnerabilities in your network. These tools help to avoid a data breach that could spell disaster for the entire company. If the data supporting your business is no longer available from a breach, then your business would not be able to operate as usual. Data loss can also expose a business to all sorts of legal actions, fines, and lawsuits. It’s best to employ preventive measures to protect your business from experiencing a data breach.

Automating Tasks

RMM tools can automate many day-to-day business tasks and processes through the implementation of scripts. The automated tasks can include scheduling, process checks, file uploads/downloads, data backups, Windows updates and other functions can be executed with ease.

Save Money with RMM

Employing RMM tools saves businesses money and the need to buy and maintain additional equipment for network management and upgrading storage capacity on current equipment. With the Global Chip Storage, not only it’s more difficult to procedure equipment and parts, their prices have greatly increase. A new report suggests that some chip manufacturers have increased their products’ pricing by 10% to 30% since the start of Q2 2021.

Every small business owner or CIO should be made aware of the many benefits that come from outsourcing network management to a capable provider. Businesses may be overlooking the peace of mind that comes from having a secure and efficient network without the headaches of maintaining it.

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