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Benefits of IT Managed Services

All businesses depend on technology in some form or fashion. Whether it’s critical business applications, communicating and sharing documents, or cutting-edge innovations that will situate your business as a top competitor in your industry. Managed IT Service Providers are experts in helping businesses achieve maximum productivity, security, efficiency, and profitability by using technology. Outsourced IT Support provides businesses with services such as network monitoring, data backups, implementing new applications, cybersecurity, and more. The benefits of IT Managed Services are never-ending.


Cybersecurity should be a top concern for all businesses, and it should not be handled alone. An IT Service Provider can take on all aspects of cybersecurity and save your business from trying to survive the fallout of a data breach, insider threat, ransomware, or worse.

Network Monitoring

One of the services offered by Managed Service Providers is network monitoring. Computer support specialists constantly monitor your entire network, 24/7, in order to ensure things are going as planned. In the event that something unplanned does occur, MSPs have the visibility to notice it before you do- and are already working on a solution.

Network monitoring as well as maintaining the health of your devices can prevent your company from experiencing downtime & decreased productivity – and ultimately save your business money. On average, one hour of downtime costs businesses $5,600.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Internet connection is critical to maintaining communication between your employees and clients. Many companies are spending large amounts of money on internet connections like fiber, when in reality the company may not be prepared for when these fail. As cloud applications have become critical to many businesses, internet service has become more important too. Wired internet connections are susceptible do a range of possible issues that can disrupt business operations. Having a failover service ensures your business is never offline.

Failover Internet

CTG Tech and other Managed Service Providers can provide Ultra fast 4G-5G Failover Service to ensure your business continues running smoothly. 4G and 5G failover service provides a more reliable internet connection than wireline circuits because they can’t be cut like the ones in construction mishaps, traffic accidents or natural disasters. Failover Service switches employees over to a secondary system in case their primary connection fails. Failover internet is like having an insurance policy for downtime.


VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is another solution MSPs can implement to prevent downtime and save you money. VoIP phone systems depend on the internet to make calls, instead of traditional analog phones that use wires to make a connection.

VoIP systems can be set up by your Managed Service Provider with traditional phones, software, and even apps, so you can choose which solution is best for you business. VoIP systems make it easy and much faster to make changes to extensions, call routing, and more, making it a good solution for long term or seasonal employees. If things go from bad to worse, you will be able to maintain communication with your clients and employees.

Managed Service Providers can help you maintain business continuity. The ability to maintain contact with your clients and employees is an important aspect of business continuity as well as disaster recovery. IT MSPs can help your business implement solutions such as VoIP, failover internet, and more to create a strong business continuity and disaster recovery plan. 

All businesses are different and having IT support services can help you implement and manage solutions customized to you. The benefits of Managed IT Services is more than you can imagine, including keeping your database secure, assisting in troubleshooting, and overseeing the overall technical aspect of your business.