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New Snapchat Update, Creepy or Convenient?

Snapchat released an update and with it unveiled a new feature called “Snap Map.” This new feature allows users to see their friends’ locations and view exciting things that may be happening all over the world. Snapchat says it wanted to give its users “a whole new way to explore the world.” What do you think, creepy or convenient?


To Access Snap Map

  • Open the app and set the camera to selfie mode.
  • From there, zoom out. Or pinch your fingers from the outside of the screen, inwards.
  • The feature will load and give you a quick overview of settings and how to use the map.

Everyone you have on Snapchat can see where you are and visa-versa. Not to worry though, there are settings that allow you to turn your location off, or only make it visible to select friends if you’re not too big on the idea of everyone knowing where you are.


  • Go to the top right hand corner and click on the ‘settings’ icon.
  • From there you have the option to enable or disable “Ghost Mode” which will hide your location.
  • Further options allow you to choose to share your location with all your friends, or select a few specific friends.

For Further Snap Map Settings


Heat Map Feature

Not only can you see where your friends are, but other Snapchat users have the option to upload snaps to where ever they are on the map, so everyone (friends or not) can see. They appear as heat spots that show to be more hot when a lot of Snapchats have been uploaded in that location.

Privacy Concerns

Snap Map only updates your location when Snapchat is open, so keep that in mind before you jump to any conclusions about where someone may be. Another thing to keep in mind (above all) is your safety when using this feature. Try adjusting the settings so your location is only shared with selected friends. Therefore, in case something was to happen, only the people who really need to know your location will be able to see it.

Better to Be Safe than Sorry

This could be a great tool for parents who have Snapchat to see the whereabouts of their kids or a more personal way for Snappers to see what’s going on around the world. But is it completely necessary and safe to use is up to you.


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